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How It Works
Fill Design
Step 1: Fill out a logo design brief
  • Create a simple brief explaining your logo design needs. 
  • Let the logo designers know your color, font, and element preferences.
  • Attach a reference (if you’ve any) to help them understand your custom logo needs precisely.
Fill Design
Step 2: Launch your logo design contest
  • Once your logo design brief is ready, post it for the designers to find it.
  • Professional logo designers around the globe will compete for your project by submitting their designs.
  • You can expect 50+ designs in seven days. Provide feedback and check for improvements.
Fill Design
Step 3: Pick the best logo design, download & get ownership
  • Choose the custom logo you love the most. 
  • Collaborate with the winning logo designer for edits and changes. 
  • Get all source files of the logo design with full ownership. Save and download.
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Why your business needs a professional logo design?

Your professional logo is more than just a tiny piece of art. In fact, it’s the face of your company that helps it build a strong brand identity. Using a well-designed custom logo on various entities of your business, such as website, packaging, label, social media, printed materials, etc., gives your brand much-needed visibility. A company logo becomes timeless when customers start identifying your brand from others. If your brand logo gives the view of what you do in just a single glance, it is a perfect logo. Every business is different so are their logo design requirements. That's why we, at Designhill, provide the exact logo design services you need. And that, too, at a fraction of market price and with unmatched quality. We also have our free AI-powered logo maker tool to help you create your own logo.

Discover Free Custom Logo Design Ideas & Inspiration


What is meant by a logo, and how can you create one?

Logos or brand marks are visual assets of your business, brand, or company. It helps you build your visual identity. A logo could be anything — a symbol, text, or a combination of both. Any professional logos have two purposes to serve: First, they should represent your brand's identity. Second, it should tell your audience what your business is all about. You can make your free logo whether simple or complex, based on your professional logo design needs. But on top of that, your custom logo should be meaningful. A reputable provider of logo creation services, such as Designhill, helps you design a logo that builds a connection between your brand and your customers.

Moreover, your business logo serves as a tool to entice and engage your target audience while boosting brand loyalty. Designhill’s creative logo design services are not expensive to design a custom logo. You can get a perfect logo within your budget. But before you get one, we suggest you know the history of the logo and familiarize yourself with the latest logo design trends of 2022. This will help you understand different types of logos, their functions, and related industries. For example, fashion logos for fashion industries, real estate logos for real estate industries, and more. You can post a logo design contest, hire a designer, or use our logo maker to get a brandmark of your choice.

How to hire professional logo designers at Designhill?

Whenever the need for a company logo comes up, the foremost concern is where to hire professional designers from. The most common method that they have available is — hiring freelance designers. But there are many other ways to design a logo for free or paid. For example, logo design company, Designhill lets you post a contest for logo designers to get started. Under this logo creation service, you need to explain what your requirement is in the brief section. Then, graphic designers from around the world go through your brief and submit dozens of business logo designs. From these submissions, pick one that suits your needs the best, provide feedback, ask for changes, if any, and then choose the winner.

If you want variations in your business logo, you should choose the design contests option to make logo or hire a logo designer for a one-to-one logo project. Alternatively, you can take the help of an online logo maker to create a logo on your own. But before you get started with your professional company logo design, you have to understand its purpose, why you need a logo, what business message you want it to convey, and how it will depict your brand’s essence. When you combine it with the right color, customer psychology, and purpose, you create the perfect logo that builds a connection with your audience. Finally, you can consider expert tips to create a professional logo for more insights.

How colors and fonts impact your business logo?

No professional logo design process is complete without picking the right colors. Choosing an appropriate color combination for your logo design helps define your brand’s identity. In addition, it helps you visually communicate your brand message. The colors used in making the business logo design impact a company in many ways. While the right colors give a glimpse of your mission statement, the wrong color selection may ruin your business by conveying the wrong message. Besides, fonts also have a significant role to play in the creation of professional logos, whether free or paid. Right fonts highlight the core value of your business and reflect who you are as a brand. Therefore, choose a font style that defines the true aspect of your business. Custom fonts, hand lettering, and Serifs are the perfect logo design choices.  

Confused about choosing a font online? Don’t worry! You can go through our top 75 logo fonts list to find the right one. Always remember that the success of your business logo depends heavily on the font and color you choose. Dig deep into color psychology and consider color-wheel to select the right color for your company logo design.

Frequently Asked Questions

A business logo is your brand's visual identity. It gives your business the face that people identify you by. It helps them remember your business even in an ocean of brands. But your company logo must stick in their mind for all the right reasons.

You need logo design ideas and inspiration from real people. That's where our logo creation services come in handy. Under this service, we offer 'Logo Design Contest' that renders you a completely custom logo design. It means you get a unique logo created by experienced designers from around the world. Click here to launch a logo design contest.

Here is how our logo design contest works —
First, you have to choose the logo design contest option and proceed further.

• Describe — Describe or explain your ideas of the perfect logo using our design brief option. After you have described your vision, set a budget, and move ahead with a professional logo contest.
• Receive dozens of designs — Get dozens of unique professional custom logo designs created by a pool of talented designers around the globe. Collaborate with them and give feedback to help them create a powerful logo for your company.
• Select the winner — Choose a winning logo design that matches your idea. Upon selecting the favorite logo for your company, we transfer the ownership and send you all the required files.

A logo is one of the most critical elements of your brand. Apart from your custom logo design, we get you everything you need to grow your business. Under our logo design services, we offer bundle packs that include —

• Logo and brand identity
• Logo and business card
• Logo and website
• Logo with tshirt design
• Logo and social media, and a lot more

Choose a 'bundle pack' as per your needs, and move ahead to grow your brand while saving hundreds of dollars on professional logo design!

To put it simply, logo design is the process of combining symbols, text, images, colors, and other elements in a cohesive way. The unified arrangement of each element creates a unique business logo that resonates with your company’s vision and mission.

As it is the face of your company, it communicates on your behalf and fosters a strong brand identity. You can use your professional logo on your website, brochure, business card, label, letterhead, and other marketing materials. Well-designed business logos can grab people's attention for all the right reasons. First, it helps them understand who you are as a business.

Designhill, as a professional logo design service provider, renders budget-friendly custom logos. You can either post a logo design contest according to your budget or choose any of the packages available with us.

- Basic Package that starts from INR 500.00.

- Premium Package that starts from INR 1499.00.

- Enterprise Package starts from INR 4500.00.

If you don't like any of them, post a contest for your custom logo.

With your custom logo design, you will receive all the industry-standard ready-to-go files that you can use for online and printing purposes.

Yes, you need to prepare for ideas. You probably would have an idea of how your business logo should look, the color to be used, an icon to be chosen, and more. The more you describe your logo design needs, the better results you are likely to get. Take some logo ideas and inspiration here if you're short on time.

If you have ideas and inspiration ready for your custom logo, you can easily create it using our AI-powered tool — logo maker.

Yes! If you have a particular image like icons/symbols that you want to include in your logo, please upload them to the brief section and submit it to the logo designers.

On Designhill, every designer agrees to upload only the original logo design. That's why designers own the sole rights to their submitted designs until you announce the winner of your contest. Then, in the final stage of the logo contest, i.e., 'handover,' the winning designer decides to transfer the copyrights to you. Once the transfer is complete, you become the sole owner of the winning logo.

There is no restriction on the number of design iterations you can get for your business logo. You can ask the winning logo designer to make changes until you’re 100% satisfied. But as everyone's time is precious, we suggest you to be specific about the exact thing you need and share it with the designer in one go.

Of course! It’s our ultimate goal to let you find a designer with whom you can build a long-term relationship. After your logo contest is over, you can directly work with the same signer under our 1-to-1 project.

Yes, it's true! We provide a 100% money-back guarantee on logo design contests, excluding those in the final round and those with the guaranteed designer prize options. You can contact our customer support team to help you re-write your logo design brief, help choose a winning design, or reopen your design project(s) to make sure you walk away with a great design.

Remember, once we have refunded your contest, you won't legally use any company logo design submitted to your contest.

Of course! You can pick the option “private” to make your logo design contest private.

You will find this option in the contest section during the launch. This will forbid designers from submitting their designs to your contest, in their portfolio (in case they’re participating in your contest), or somewhere else. Also, your logo contest will not be visible in search results.

Choosing this confidential/private option will also have a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) attached to your business logo design contest. However, you can also attach/upload your own version of the NDA.

Please consider that if you forget to opt for this option straight away, we cannot always delete or remove your contest from the search results afterward.

We suggest everyone to go with the logo contests option. But due to confidentiality or other concerns, it makes sense to hire a freelance designer. Browse through Designhill’s logo designers’ portfolio section, or check our list of top 15 logo designers for hire.

Once you have chosen a designer, go ahead — look into the portfolio and the type of designs created by them. Then, invite them for collaboration if you think they are the best fit for your logo design project.

You can make a business logo on your own even if you aren't familiar with design software or have no experience in graphic design. Designhill logo maker is at your disposal. The tool comes with hundreds of design templates that help you build your basic logo.

If you want to make a custom logo design, a design contest is the best option. We understand that price and speed play a vital role; therefore, we have a professional logo for every budget.

Every business is unique, so are their needs. That’s why different types of logo designs are required. Getting a business logo via a logo maker is easy, but the design may not be distinct. A custom logo ensures you get a unique and relevant design for your business.

Designhill is home to over 200K designers and artists from around the world. The community is still growing. Every designer over here is highly experienced and capable of creating stunning logo designs that uniquely convey your brand story.

Still, want to give a logo generator a try? Consider this list of the best logo makers we have created for your reference.

Designhill logo maker tool helps you create a custom logo on your own. Anyone — even a novice designer, can use this easy-to-use DIY tool to design a professional logo.

You can use your professional camera to click an image of your choice and use it in your custom logo design.

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